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Renaud Philippe is an independent documentary photographer based in Canada. Renaud has worked far and wide in South Sudan, Bangladesh, Haiti, India, Nepal, Thailand, Kenya, Tunisia, and Canada. He is fully independent, patiently following the threads of pressing themes like social exclusion and exile, forging connections with those forced by war, injustice, and natural disaster to leave everything behind.

His work has appeared in many publications including National Geographic, The Atlantic, The Globe and Mail, The New York Time, MacLean's, Le Monde Diplomatique, Canadian Geographic, Mare magazine, Global Post, Le Figaro, Days Japan.

Renaud Philippe est un photographe documentaire indépendant. Renaud a travaillé au Soudan du Sud, au Bangladesh, en Haïti, en Inde, au Népal, en Thaïlande, au Kenya, en Tunisie, au Canada, toujours de façon indépendante sur le thème de l’exclusion, de l’exil, sensible au drame vécu par ceux qui ont du tout quitter, victime de la guerre, de l’injustice, de catastrophes naturelles. 


Photo © Charles F Ouellet